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Inner Clarity Bundle: 3 x Sessions


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If you are looking for spiritual guidance and clarity, this is for you. Using my intuition, knowledge and insight I share my perspective on any questions or life situations that you have, and to help you understand any energy trends or patterns that may be preventing your growth and blocking your joy. If you enjoy learning from me, and my view on life, speaking to me one to one can truly help accelerate you on your path. Purchase a bundle of 3 sessions to have me closely follow your progress over a series of 3 months. We will check in once per month with a 1 hour session, and you can e-mail me any questions you have every Friday for a total of 3 Fridays.

Once purchased, you will receive an e-mail within 24 hours to schedule your session.

  • Please note that sessions are not a substitute for professional financial, legal or medical advice. Always use your own judgement and intuition when making decisions.
  • Must be 18 years or older to purchase
  • Sessions vary greatly depending on the openness of the individual, and where they are on their own personal growth journey
  • For more information, read the full terms and conditions here


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