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Self empowerment begins with you!

Self Empowerment Guide

This self healing guide focuses on the root chakra, showing you how to empower yourself and take responsibility for your life. This 45 page self study guide invites you into a deeper contemplation of yourself; to help you navigate difficult periods in your life, tune in to your natural cycles, and create balance in your life so that you can have the proper foundation and support to live your best life. Through self awareness, shadow work, and moving past our fear, this guide helps you to step into and embody your full personal power by identifying core negative beliefs and damaging patterns that keep us stuck and disempowered.

It all begins with the root, setting a solid foundation for your life and personal growth, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

What is the root chakra?

The root chakra governs our connection to life; how deeply grounded and empowered we feel within our own lives. This energetic powerhouse stores any issues around fear, survival and security. It also governs our health, our vitality, our sense of support in life and our foundation in life.

If you struggle with discipline, depression, defeatism, taking care of yourself, reaching and accomplishing your goals- or

if you simply want to live a more balanced and fulfilling life- this is for you!

Empowering yourself to build a solid, strong, lasting foundation in your life

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