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by rusha

Choosing to be the best version of yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, takes impeccable strength of character, honesty, a willingness to be transparent, to make mistakes and learn, to be vulnerable when you need to and stand your ground when you need to, to walk through the fires and come out renewed, every single time. You are not weak. You’re a fucking warrior.

When did I notice the transition
From girlhood to womanhood
It’s funny how so much can change
With the blink of an eye
The caress of death’s kiss
The dissolution of time 
I no longer care for the things that used to
Hold me. Enslave me.
I no longer care for boys masquerading as men
Their jealousy a mask for their deep
I no longer care for girls who beg me to stay small
Mistaking their wounds for my face,
Mistaking their self hatred for my grace
I no longer have space for any energy that does not recognize
The exaltation that I am
I do not know when I bloomed
From human girl
To she wolf
When did I awaken
This wild ferocity
That I did not know
Existed within me
Those who used to know me
Please forgive me
For I have died a thousand times
And with every death,
Come to life
~ Becoming 🌱
By Rusha

Wrote this a while back ✨ sometimes it can be so easy to convince yourself you don’t have feelings for someone. My first instinct is to always pretend that I don’t care. It takes courage to show your true emotions and even to be honest with yourself about how you feel. We’ll give ourselves all kinds of excuses as to why our feelings aren’t real or why we shouldn’t feel a certain way. At the end of the day, it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all ✨ don’t get me wrong, there are things I won’t say… but even admitting to yourself that your feelings are real is half the battle in itself. Trying to penetrate my heart and mind is like trying to open an iron dungeon with no key. If you have someone in your life who isn’t opening up right now, be patient. We take our time, but when we open up, it’ll be well worth the wait 🙈

I had to remove myself from your life, distract your soul from my existence, breathe the air of a different dimension. Because staying close to you is like trying to feed on a feast of scraps- disappointing and empty. – Oh he made the devil look like a saint 👌🏽 “Toxic Feast”

It’s important to remember that nothing is personal. The things people do, have absolutely nothing to do with you- their actions are a reflection of them. Sometimes people will come into our lives to teach us about our inner world. The outer world is a reflection of the inner world, so if you are in a situation that you do not like- ask yourself what this situation is teaching you. What are you learning about yourself? Let things go that do not serve you- this includes habits, people, places and things. The universe will bring you exactly what you need when you need it. TRUST the process. Everything happens for a reason. If you are going through a hard time right now- you are STRONG enough to handle it otherwise life would not have given you this challenge. Trust yourself and remember that each experience is a blessing. Whether it’s a painful situation or a happy situation, everything that happens is a BLESSING. There is a gift at the core of every painful emotion, of every uncomfortable situation- and that gift is wisdom, that gift is knowledge, that gift is love. If you are going through a hard time right now, trust that better things are coming. You are so much stronger than you know! 10/12/16

I am as soft as a rose petal, as sharp as a sword 🌹🔪 I am raw, untamed, wild and free.

I am both fierce warrior, and innocent child. 

Soft water, and a raging storm. 

I am not a label for you to categorize.

Not a file to be organized.

Not to be carefully put into a box so that YOU can be more comfortable.

Like the moon, I ebb and I flow.

I am a daughter of the moon.

My expression is free like the ocean.

You don’t get to define me.

You don’t get to decide who I am.

You don’t get to define my value based on your logic.

Treat me like a commodity,

Based on my “sexual purity”

Debase my value based on my sexuality

I don’t have an expiration date based on your patriarchal authority. 

I am not an item up for sale.

With experience, I bloom and I grow.

I ripen with age, become juicier with time.

My magic isn’t something, that can be defined by your linear mind.

I am woman and I will always be,

As Wild, raw and authentic as I choose to be. – A woman’s magic

#happyinternationalwomensday #rushaspeaks

Today I celebrate you. All of the women, raw, untamed, wild and free. From my Instagram 2018/03/08

We so often think of heartbreak as being external to us. Every time we settle for something that doesn’t truly fulfill us or bring us joy, we are telling ourselves that we do not deserve what we truly want. Every time we do this we undermine our hearts true calling. Every time I do this I break my own heart. So make a promise to yourself right now. Promise to LOVE yourself so strongly, that you will not settle. Promise that you will love and honour your deepest desires and that you will treasure and cherish your heart, no matter how hard or scary that may seem. You DESERVE to feel loved, cherished and treasured 🙏 You deserve to live the life of your dreams. So maybe show yourself that love. Allow yourself to feel how you want to feel. Allow yourself to feel loved and cherished and treasured. It all starts with you ✨ You are so much more powerful than you think. May you be in love, always